Law School Educated Paralegals

Law School Educated Paralegals.

Law Freq Legal Services is a group of law school educated paralegals that help attorneys and the public.  Although centrally located in Santa Clarita, California, we have members throughout the great State of California. The owner of Law Freq Legal Services is a Santa Clarita resident who has over 26 years of legal experience alone! This experience, together with other well-educated professionals associated with Law Freq, helps us guide attorneys, lawyers, and the public through the maze of courtroom rules, procedure and legalese. In addition, this Santa Clarita paralegal service excels at teaching our clients and lawyers the skills necessary to minimize opposing counsel’s intimidating tactics.

Low Cost Legal Service Providers.

Law Freq Legal Services provides all of their services at an affordable low cost; allowing Santa Clarita residents the opportunity to live free of needless worry and debt. Law Freq Legal Services is passionate about helping both the legal community and the public with maximizing their case impact and minimizing their out-of-pocket fees.

Highly Effective Legal Educators and Trainers.

Law Freq Legal Services loves training everyone – attorneys, lawyers, counselors, and the public alike – in the fine art of legal procedure and document preparation. The Santa Clarita based legal professionals at Law Freq Legal Services also pride themselves on their understanding of substantive theories of law and they are known for their concise, thought provoking legal pleadings that win in court!

As mentioned, the owner of Law Freq Legal Services has been providing litigation support services to solo practitioners, small law firms and mid-size law practices in both the Santa Clarita and greater Los Angeles County area – and throughout all of California – for over 26 years!  Law Freq Legal Services specializes in simplifying your legal needs by taking over the mind-numbing tasks associated with legal research, drafting concise pleadings and discovery documents, together with performing case management activities with an integrated database.

Affordable Low Cost Legal Help and Law Documents
Law Freq is “Tuned In” to Your Legal Needs!

In fact, after 26 years of helping California licensed attorneys, Law Freq Legal Services has compiled over 800,000 legal documents! Each of these legal documents make the legal process more manageable. These legal documents also assist lawyers in safeguarding the public’s rights. As many of our clients know, the legal documents provided by Law Freq Legal Services have been essential in lowering their out-of-pocket expenses. This may be due to the fact that the legal documents and forms provided by Law Freq Legal Services are not like the simple Judicial Council Forms that a high school student could fill out. These legal documents and forms are known throughout the legal community as “proper pleadings” that are prepared in a format known as “ruled and numbered;” just like an expensive, qualified attorney would draft for his clients.

Just a small portion of those 800,000 legal documents includes, but is not limited to, 20,000+ Pleadings, motions, and briefs, 6,500+ Complaints, cross-complaints, and intervenors, 4,600+ Contracts and/or agreements, 750+ Living Trusts, 500+ Bankruptcy Petitions, 32 Winning Appellate briefs, and 2 “Petitions for Review” before California’s Supreme Court…!!

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Thus, it makes plain good sense to work or associate with the Santa Clarita based legal professionals at Law Freq Legal Services. Give us a call today and see why others rely on our services. Or, enjoy some further reading that concerns our local neighbors:

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Disclaimer: WE ARE NOT ATTORNEYS. We are paralegals trained and educated in compliance with California Business and Professions Code sections 6450, et seq. In that capacity, we provide “substantial legal work under the direction and supervision of an active member of the State Bar of California, as defined in Section 6060, or an attorney practicing law in the federal courts of this state, that has been specifically delegated by the attorney to him or her.” [B&P § 6450(a).] Additionally, we are legal document assistants in compliance with California Business and Professions Code sections 6400, et seq. In that capacity, we provide “any self-help service to a member of the public who is representing himself or herself in a legal matter, or who holds himself or herself out as someone who offers that service or has that authority.” [B&P § 6400(c)(1).] Notwithstanding the above, any and all information provided on this website is general information only and is not intended as legal advice. The business entity that owns this website and the business entity and/or individuals that provide services as described above are neither staffed by lawyers nor provide legal advice. If you need legal advice or have specific questions concerning your specific legal matter, we encourage you to seek the advice of a California licensed attorney. To re-emphasize, we are not attorneys. We can only provide self-help services at your specific direction.