Areas of Law


In its most simple form, all areas of law flow from two basic law groups:

  • The Civil Law Group includes actions that are brought to enforce, redress, or protect private rights. For example, a sum of money owed as a result of a contract that is breached can be assessed in a civil law court. However, in several civil law courts, judges are asked to fashion a remedy based in equity when there is no way to reach a financial sum.
  • The Criminal Law Group encompasses all matters considered acts in violation of a criminal code, a penal law, or offenses against an individual State or the United States of America. Criminal matters are prosecuted by a federal, state, or local government body. These government agencies are known in criminal courts as “the people.” A criminal defense can be handled by either the public sector (i.e., public defender) or the private sector (i.e., a law firm or lawyer). Conviction or Acquittal are the only two outcomes in a criminal case.

However, in the United States there are approximately 70 core areas of law in which lawyers practice their skills. Law Freq Legal Services assists lawyers in many of these areas. Click on the following links to learn some helpful tips about a few of the more common areas of law that Law Freq Legal Services has mastered:

Collection Law Family Law Landlord-Tenant Law
Estate Planning
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